​Barkz & Wagz was initially established in search of something I (the Owner) love doing - caring for animals. I opened shop May 20, 2016. Our pets offer so much to us, they deserve the best in return. As a pet store that also grooms and boards pets, we see firsthand the adverse effect low quality foods have on our pet's health. Barkz and Wagz offers healthy pet foods and treats, supplies, grooming, daycare and boarding for pets. 

Unfortunately, many pet owners feed Beneful, Little Cesar, Kibbles & Bits, to name a few. Almost 100% of the dogs we groom that have skin and coat problems are feeding those products. These foods are marketed as healthy by these companies using deceptive marketing techniques. One must ask, how can this food be so cheap? Additionally, the well recognized brands Science Diet and Hills prescription still uses common allergens such as corn, wheat and soy.  See the below excerpt from Merck Veterinary Manual.

Come into Barkz & Wagz to find the best quality foods for your dog or cat. Among other great foods we carry the best scientifically proven veterinary formulas from Forza10. 

Food Allergies

Among pets, food allergies are less common than airborne allergies. Signs of food allergy are similar to airborne allergies except there is little variation in the intensity of itching from one season to another. The age of onset is variable. The distribution and intensity of itching varies between animals.

There is no reliable diagnostic test other than feeding a limited foodstuff (hypo-allergenic or elimination) diet and seeing if the itching resolves. Your veterinarian should be consulted to develop a specific test plan for your dog. The ideal food elimination diet should be balanced and nutritionally complete and not contain any ingredients that have been fed previously to your dog. Owners often do not understand that if any previously fed ingredient is present in the elimination diet, the dog may be allergic to that one ingredient and the diet trial will be a failure. The key point in any food elimination diet trial is that only novel food ingredients can be fed. This also includes treats and anything the dog eats besides its regular food.

The trial diet should be fed for up to 3 months. If marked or complete resolution in signs occurs during the elimination diet trial, food allergy can be suspected. To confirm that a food allergy exists and improvement was not just coincidental, the dog must be given the previously fed food ingredients and a relapse of signs must occur. The return of signs is usually between 1 hour and 14 days. Once a food allergy is confirmed, the elimination diet should be continued until signs disappear, which usually takes less than 14 days. At this point, previously fed individual ingredients should be added to the elimination diet for a period of up to 14 days. If signs reappear, the individual ingredient is considered a cause of the food allergy.

The foods dogs are most often allergic to include beef, chicken, eggs, corn, wheat, soy, and milk. Once the offending allergens are identified, control of the food allergy is by strict avoidance. Concurrent diseases may complicate the identification of underlying food allergies. Infrequently, a dog will react to new food allergens as it ages.

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